Kelsey & Sam

Well we’re do I start. Linda and Tracey you were an absolute delight to work with. Your insight and attention to detail was incredible. You helped make Kelsey and Sam’s wedding simply perfect. We can’t thank you guys enough. So a massive shout out to two amazing ladies from the Barwick and Kendell families

Kerrie Barwick

 Kelsey Kendell Couldn’t agree more ? thank you so much Linda and Tracey for making our day just perfect ❤️

The bride’s mother played a pivotal role in the planning of Kelsey and Sam’s wedding, it was held on their property, Kelsey parents surprised her with a horse and cart to take her to the ceremony. The gentle clip-clop of the horse’s hooves providing a soothing rhythm as she approached the ceremony. Her arrival was captivating as the guests watched them pass by, and Sam arrived in a Ford Mustang.

The couple exchanged their heartfelt vows in a romantic outdoor ceremony with their son as ring bearer arriving in a remote control car, a precious moment.

Following the ceremony, the crowd made their way through the barn lit up with fairy lights to a large marquee for the reception and the bridal party danced their way through the guests creating the party mood which continued well into the night.

It was a day filled with warmth of family and friends and we were deeply honoured to be a part of crafting their special day.

Styling & Co-ordination:Complete Occasions
Venue:   Private Property
Photography: Morgan McLeod
Drinks:  Kanvas Village